Hub’s First Year Celebration

I’ve been thinking about this blog post for a long time.  Getting here, to our first year ofIMG_7978 owning a business seems like it would take forever and honestly, it went by quick.  We went in full blast with our hearts fully invested and I suppose our pockets were as well.  We have battled a lot of scheduling issues though, I think we’ve got it down.  Improving on things around the shop has been a challenge, and there’s always something to update, but I think we’ve got that too.  Staying away from Hub’s on our day off has also been a challenge as we enjoy being hanging out at the shop, but I think we’ve managed to have some kind of work-life-balance schedule.

2017-06-20_15-54-26_881We’ve learned quite a  bit the past year and some are quite unforgettable.  We’ve learned that it’s best to keep copies of the bathroom key on the side.  We know now that some of our regulars like their coffee and sandwiches very, very specific.  If you make the soy too hot, it will be tofu.  We know that things can break down, which requires your handyman hat and your plumber pants.  And though our employees are superstars, they can get sick and oddly, they have a life outside the coffee shop. Who knew?

We’ve also gotten to know some our regulars.  We even have buttons for some and FullSizeRender (2017-06-27T18_14_31.040)others we just know what they want as soon as they walk through that door.  Like the couple who buys the Butterbeer and three shots of espresso, the guy who likes he’s cappuccino dry, the bagel with tomato guy, the lady who loves her milk, the everything smoothie from open mic,  and the early bird who loves his iced extra shot mocha.  Of course, there’s the guy who I can chat with about our political views in hush tones, LOL.  The guy who wears that cowboy hat, the Warriors fan, the book club ladies, the teachers, the Meriwest crew, the Chef, the Chavez crew, the city council crew, the firemen, and so many others.  We love getting to know them! I can’t believe our networking has gotten so big in just a year.  I can honestly say, some have become friends.

On June 17th of this month, we celebrated our One Year Anniversary by having some of the most talented people in our community come out and perform.  It was such an AMAZING DAY of performances.  It couldn’t have been more perfect.  I wanted to share the day with you so, I added the links below..  Thank you, Lan, for capturing every moment!!!

Here are the links to each set.

Free Spirit           Eric B. and Crew          Special Guest

Lindsay and Drew        The Jake Wichman Band

Eurotrash        Ian Carl

Here’s a link to pictures from that day.
Click HERE.

These performers were more than willing to volunteer their time to help us celebrate.  And quick to answer!  Not only these guys are very talented in what they do,  they are FullSizeRender (2017-06-27T18_14_31.017)also very supportive of this community.  Free Spirit, I know you guys had other events so, thank you much for starting off our celebration!  Eric B. and Crew, I know it was more than your usual time to perform, thank you for stretching out your set!.  Lindsay and Drew, Drew and Lindsay, thank you for the awesome performance. Sweat-stash and all.   Jake, Band, and Donna, thank you all for spending the time with us.  We can always count on you!.  Eurotrash, you guys are always there! thank you! Last but not least, Ian.  We’re so very glad you were able to come.   You’re one of the first ones to say yes!   Thank you for your support!

With all that said.
To the community who supports us to no ends.  Troy, Tony V., James, Mike T., and Lambert, Thank you for spending the day with us.  To our Open Mic Family, who’s always, always there to support, not only to share their talent but to showing up to all our events. Thank you!  To our regulars, who love our coffee and sandwiches, who are always patient, who are always willing to give us compliments and/or honest but respectful opinions or suggestions,  we appreciate you!  Of course, thank you, Ray of City Espresso.  We can always count on this guy.  Thank you to our family and friends, who come in to support despite our location being out of their way.  You guys are all kinds of awesome!

To our AMAZING Baristas, who makes the most delicious sandwiches, lattes to die for, and are loved by our customers, thank you for all you do!  We truly have a good crew.

Thanks always,
Hub’s Family

Hub’s Coffee Update

Here goes another attempt at a blog post.  Okay, not so much a blog post but more of an update on what is happening here at Hub’s Coffee.  It’s been busy and it has been a learning curb for us but bottom line we’re having a blast.

We are approaching our third month since Grand Opening of the shop and things are doing well.  We plan to slowly add new things to our menu and these are a few that we had added already.  Korean BBQ Sandwich, Pastrami Bacon Sandwich, Affogato, Bagel Lox, Macarons, Chicken Pesto, Turkey Cranberry, and Butterbeer which are all loved by our customers.  The plan is spruce up our menu starting out  as occasional/monthly specials.  Our hours of operation has also shifted a little only because we’re finding out when customers frequent the store.  Stand up stations were added to the window with charging outlets for those working off-site or studying.

We partnered up with Cranksgiving San Jose for their first annual Charity Ride for Thanksgiving on Nov 13, 2016.  As planned, Second Harvest will be Hub’s Coffee’s  main charity to give to so this is a perfect match.  More information to come but here is the link for Cranksgiving San Jose FB page.  If you would like to volunteer and participate please get in touch with  Erin, who is the main contact for this event.

With all that said, it has been busy here at Hub’s but despite the schedule, we’re excited to meet friends, regulars, and new customers.  If you haven’t had the chance yet, come by and introduce yourself.

Visit us on our social media, here are the links.

Yelp: http://bit.ly/2bsfiwX

Instagram:  http://bit.ly/2bfCc5U

Facebook: http://bit.ly/2bsgb8w

Make sure you sign up for our newsletter as well.
Again, thanks for your love and support.

Open Mic

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We finally got the schedules for Open Mic Night Saturday Summer Mini Concert finalized.  Took us some time but it’s done.  You can see the schedule and other information about Open Mic in the EVENTS LINK.



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Of course, Friday Open Mic will continue and will always be our Main Event.  Local Artist and local community gather here in a friendly, no judgment zone(as all the other days) and enjoy the evening.  Again, more information in the EVENTS LINK.


Hope to see everyone soon!!!
Hub’s Coffee Team





Hi Everyone!!!

So we’ve made it! After a week of renovations , we had our Soft Opening today!  Facebook exposure had exploded and we had all kinds of visitors today.  We are very happy to see the regulars come back in, friends and family visit to support and new costumers.  Many say they found us on Facebook and they wanted to come check it out and others say, it was recommended by a friend.

This is a family owned business and all the support is appreciated…a lot! With that said, thank you very much!  Today was a success!

grand openinf 6

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**Note:  Today wouldn’t have been possible without our friends and loyal costumers who came in to help us with the renovations…out of the goodness of their hearts.   Whether you came everyday  for hours on end or donated an hour of your time…we are forever grateful.  I would love to post everyone’s   pics as we got down on our knees to demolish what was the existing shop but I have not gotten their permission to post…but hopefully this week.   Stay tuned.

Again, Thank you!!!

Roy and Angela

P.S. Don’t forget Grand Opening this Friday.

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