Here goes another attempt at a blog post.  Okay, not so much a blog post but more of an update on what is happening here at Hub’s Coffee.  It’s been busy and it has been a learning curb for us but bottom line we’re having a blast.

We are approaching our third month since Grand Opening of the shop and things are doing well.  We plan to slowly add new things to our menu and these are a few that we had added already.  Korean BBQ Sandwich, Pastrami Bacon Sandwich, Affogato, Bagel Lox, Macarons, Chicken Pesto, Turkey Cranberry, and Butterbeer which are all loved by our customers.  The plan is spruce up our menu starting out  as occasional/monthly specials.  Our hours of operation has also shifted a little only because we’re finding out when customers frequent the store.  Stand up stations were added to the window with charging outlets for those working off-site or studying.

We partnered up with Cranksgiving San Jose for their first annual Charity Ride for Thanksgiving on Nov 13, 2016.  As planned, Second Harvest will be Hub’s Coffee’s  main charity to give to so this is a perfect match.  More information to come but here is the link for Cranksgiving San Jose FB page.  If you would like to volunteer and participate please get in touch with  Erin, who is the main contact for this event.

With all that said, it has been busy here at Hub’s but despite the schedule, we’re excited to meet friends, regulars, and new customers.  If you haven’t had the chance yet, come by and introduce yourself.

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Again, thanks for your love and support.

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