Hi Everyone!!!

So we’ve made it! After a week of renovations , we had our Soft Opening today!  Facebook exposure had exploded and we had all kinds of visitors today.  We are very happy to see the regulars come back in, friends and family visit to support and new costumers.  Many say they found us on Facebook and they wanted to come check it out and others say, it was recommended by a friend.

This is a family owned business and all the support is appreciated…a lot! With that said, thank you very much!  Today was a success!

grand openinf 6

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**Note:  Today wouldn’t have been possible without our friends and loyal costumers who came in to help us with the renovations…out of the goodness of their hearts.   Whether you came everyday  for hours on end or donated an hour of your time…we are forever grateful.  I would love to post everyone’s   pics as we got down on our knees to demolish what was the existing shop but I have not gotten their permission to post…but hopefully this week.   Stay tuned.

Again, Thank you!!!

Roy and Angela

P.S. Don’t forget Grand Opening this Friday.

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